How I can help you

When parents and carers thrive at work, business prospers.

Let me help you to create the workplace of the future, today, by aligning your business priorities with those of your people.

You can benefit from my deep expertise in flexible working, agility, gender diversity and inclusion, the gender pay gap, fathers at work, family friendly working.  

Invite me to chair your diversity conference, facilitate your inclusion strategy session.  Support your senior leadership team’s parental policy discussion.  Introduce your Board to the latest findings about fathers and mothers in the workplace.  Deliver the keynote address to your client conference.  Share my insights in webinars or at roundtables.  Whatever the family friendly message, and in whatever setting, I can work with you to ensure it is transmitted clearly … and received warmly.​
You have your staff survey, but what does it mean?  I work with you to get behind the top-level findings, to understand the implications of what  your people are telling you.  To put your data in its social, demographic and legislative context.  To help you think ahead and future-proof your organisation.  I can dig deeper via focus groups and interviews.  Help you see the bigger picture as well as understanding the detail.  Audit your current policies and advise you on best practice in your market.  Together, we can ensure that your practice is fit for future high performance and is truly family friendly.