Thought leader and subject matter expert

Work after Covid

  • New ways to work after Covid: hybrid working; location agnostic; flexible on-site

Flexible working

  • What it is, what it’s good for, what its limitations are

  • How to get it, how to do it

  • How to manage it

  • Why it makes good business sense

Good work/the future of work/why do we work so much?

  • The impact of work on family life

  • The impact of work on individual well-being

  • Boundaries and long hours

  • Productivity and the four day week

Gender pay gap

  • What it is, why it matters, how to tackle it

  • The choices women make which affect careers and earnings; and why

  • Maternity discrimination

  • The gender pensions gap


Fathers at work

  • What fathers want today: equality at home and at work

  • Barriers and worries

    • Careers and managers

    • Cultural expectations

  • Shared Parental Leave

    • What it is, how to get it

    • What works, what doesn’t